Key Challenges

Metal manufacturers are experiencing costly and complex production processes with high raw material costs and manual processes. They are faced with increasing regulations and rising competition from around the globe.


PlantSharp Helps Metal Manufacturers

  • info

    Gain Actionable Information

    PlantSharp assists metal manufacturers gain actionable information from their production data.

  • Control

    Enable Real-Time Control

    Enables execution of real-time control and critical process parameters.

  • Communicate

    Communicate with Equipment

    Assists to produce highest-quality products more efficiently and smoothly, as well as communicating orders to the equipment, ensuring that the machinery is functioning accordingly.

  • Operations

    Maintain Smooth Operations

    Assists to run your metal plant smoothly, gaining important insights that allow you to make better decisions based on full visibility and reports.

  • cost

    Cut Costs

    Manufacturing plants are saving costs by eliminating material waste.

  • data-1

    Data-Driven Operations

    With PlantSharp, metal manufacturers can run their plants in a data-driven way, enabling better business decisions.

Benefits to Metal Manufacturers

Increase Productivity Without Sacrificing Usability.

  • Productivity Efficiency

    Gain deeper insights into equipment to improve asset productivity.

  • Traceability

    Identifies and eliminates variability across processes.

  • Cloud Connectivity

    Use greater connectivity to establish remote monitoring on the cloud.

  • Enhanced Safety

    Safety is enhanced through supporting autonomous material transportation.

  • Predictive Maintenance

    Helps to minimize downtime and maximize operations success.

Reduce material loss and increase efficiency. Let’s get started!


Transform your Factory with our Innovative Approach

  • innovative_tech

    Innovative Technology

    Optimize your manufacturing process with our cutting-edge smart manufacturing software.

  • real_time_insight

    Real-Time Insights

    Gain actionable information from your plant anytime, anywhere.

  • business_imapct

    Business Impact

    Deliver ROI quickly and seamlessly by improving manufacturing efficiency.


Our Metals Expertise

“We have significantly saved on costly raw material loss since starting to work with Trunovate.”

Plant Manager, Metal Manufacturer




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