Key Challenges

The Pharmaceutical industry’s strong regulatory environment brings with it challenges for manufacturing operations. With an extremely low tolerance for imprecision, pharmaceutical manufacturers must maintain high standards of compliance. With raw material costs also on a rise, profitability is also a concern.


PlantSharp Helps Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

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    Data-Driven Operations

    With PlantSharp, Pharma manufacturers can run their plants based on data-driven reports, enabling better business decisions.

  • Regulations

    Meet Compliance Regulations

    PlantSharp’s software suite can assist you in meeting all the compliance regulations including ISO 90001 and CFR Part 11, with built-in features like multi-sign-off processes that ensure traceability requirements are fulfilled throughout the process.

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    Batch Track

    Track ingredients from suppliers, ensuring they are acceptable along with all other batches comprised of the same raw materials.

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    Maintain Smooth Operations

    PlantSharp can help you run your pharma plant smoothly, gaining important insights that allow you to make better decisions based on full visibility.

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    Directly Communicate with Equipment

    Plantsharp will directly communicate orders to the equipment, ensuring that the machinery is functioning according to plan and with utmost efficiency

  • reduce

    Reduce Downtime

    With the help of predictive maintenance, PlantSharp can reduce downtime and wasted materials during the costly pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

Benefits to Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Increase your Productivity Without Sacrificing Usability

  • Traceability & Batch Tracking

    Visibility into all pharmaceutical manufacturing processes with ability to back track back to original ingredients. 

  • Quality Assurance

    Ensures raw materials, intermediates and finished goods meet the necessary qualifications, saving time and money.

  • Raw Material Inspections

    Inspects raw materials and makes needed changes automatically based on inspections process.

  • Production line efficiency

    Improves efficiency for lengthy and diverse production processes.

  • Cloud accessibility

    Allows you to build your reports in the cloud from anywhere and run them on premise.

Reduce material loss and increase efficiency. Let’s get started!


Transform your Factory with our Innovative Approach

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    Innovative Technology

    Optimize your manufacturing process with our cutting-edge smart manufacturing software.

  • real_time_insight

    Real-Time Insights

    Gain actionable information from your plant anytime, anywhere.

  • business_imapct

    Business Impact

    Deliver ROI quickly and seamlessly by improving manufacturing efficiency.


Our Pharmaceutical Expertise

“Trunovate equipped our plant with true visibility into our entire manufacturing process, in a way that aligns with FDA regulations.”

Miri Peleg, CIO, Dexcel




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