Unilever, a leading food and beverage manufacturer experienced an inconsistency in their raw materials leading to quality assurance issues. The company needed to gain control over the raw materials to produce close to 100% acceptable finished products. Raw materials are extremely expensive, so producing finished goods with the wrong recipe leads to massive loss for the company.


PlantSharp Core and PlantSharp Lab provide the ability to create dynamic recipes, automatic recipes based on raw material consistency. If the raw materials are not potent or sweet enough for example, the system automatically adjusts the quantities in the recipe in real-time to match the correct formulas necessary to create the final product.

  • The PlantSharp Suite’s agile and adjustable functions helped to improve the efficiency of the manufacturing plant
  • Significant savings of money and time on manual labor
  • Prevented 10% of quality assurance issues in comparison to the year prior to installing PlantSharp.


“Trunovate equipped our plant with the best big data technology to maintain, predict, connect, collect, and restructure all our data,” said the Head of IT at Unilever. “For the first time ever, we have real-time visibility into our manufacturing floor, experienced heightened efficiency, and our confidence in the manufacturing process improved drastically.”

Ron Gaster, Head of IT, Unilever