Caesarstone, a publicly traded quartz manufacturer was experiencing problems with their “golden batch” prediction, as most raw materials vary from batch to batch. This led to increased stoppages, material loss, and a lack of precision. The company searched for a reliable system that would combat these issues automatically.


The PlantSharp suite was installed in all of their manufacturing plants spread throughout two continents, testing the specific parameters throughout the entire process seamlessly.

  • The autonomous system knows how to adjust itself based on certain parameters. For example: the system will halt the line, alter the temperature, and restart.
  • Reduces the human factor for error – the plant workers do not need to manually fix mistakes, resulting in a higher percentage of accuracy.
  • An anomaly in the middle of the process (which was identified immediately by the system) created a new golden batch – a mistake which resulted in a higher quality product.


“We had difficulty maintaining our “golden batch” standard until we discovered Trunovate. With help from PlantSharp’s real-time traceability capabilities, we now have an automated and responsive process that previously seemed next to impossible to achieve.”

Suzie Roth, CIO, Caesarstone