A global plastics manufacturer processing pipes and other products was wasting millions of dollars on raw material losses due to minor malfunctions in their manufacturing plants. The company searched for a solution to track the issues more efficiently and reduce their loss of capital and raw materials.


With PlantSharp, the company was able to identify where the loss occurred and monitor key values such as temperature and material flow, to ensure that the raw materials remained intact throughout the process and are being processed according to their quality processes. Visual QA allowed them to monitor the process through images systematically checking the quality of the materials in real-time.

  • The PlantSharp suite was installed throughout their plants spread worldwide, and are now able to enforce consistency across all of their manufacturing operations.
  • Everyone sees the OEE in real time on plasma screens spread throughout the plant, increasing overall productivity and employee motivation.
  • This deployment of PlantSharp led to a decrease of several tons of raw materials over a 6 month period wasted during the QA process.


“Trunovate thoroughly understands our industry, so we hardly need to guide them at all, in fact they are leading us most of the time with regard to optimizing our factory and helping us to achieve our vision,” said the CEO. “We have saved millions of dollars due to installation of PlantSharp, the visionary and agile manufacturing software suite.”