Intense competition between a leading global food manufacturer and two other major players in the market led to high expenses in infrastructure and very little flexibility due to the agile demands of new markets. The company needed to lower its investments in infrastructure and increase its competitive edge to lead the market.


PlantSharp was implemented in phases at several of the company’s plants. First the PlantSharp Core (OEE), then PlantSharp Traceability, followed by QA.

  • The installation of PlantSharp led to higher efficiency on the floor, as well as more flexibility for changing demands.
  • The floor was converted to be more than 90% automated, reducing the human error factor.
  • OEE increased by 8% and led to the postponement of adding another floor.


“Trunovate’s innovative solutions and impeccable service are without a doubt driving our manufacturing processes to the next level,” said the COO of this leading global manufacturer. “The next stage with PlantSharp is Big Data and Predictive Maintenance. We are ready for the massive changes of Industry 4.0, which will create the most value for our company.”