Intense competition between Strauss Group and two of their major competitors led to high investments in infrastructure and low flexibility with agile demands of new markets. Strauss needed to lower their investments for growth and increase their competitive edge in order to lead the market.


PlantSharp was implemented in phases at several Strauss plants: First PlantSharp Core (OEE) and following was PlantSharp Traceability and QA.

  • We achieved higher efficiency on the floor, machines and personnel in addition to flexibility for erupting demands
  • The factory floor transformed to be more than 90% automated, greatly reducing human error
  • OEE increased and led to the postponement of adding another floor


“We see Trunovate as a true partner, not just a service provider. Strauss has teamed up with Trunovate to expand nationwide and enhance performance through Industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing technologies.”

Eyal Shimoni, CTO, VP Technology, Strauss