Tadbik, a world leader of advanced flexible packaging, manufacturing labels, RFID and promotional packaging was searching for a solution that would fit their unique DNA. They needed a solution that would be agile enough to adapt to their uncommon manufacturing methods with minimal training and development.


The PlantSharp Suite was deployed at a number of the customer’s many manufacturing plant locations. All processes were customized using PlantSharp Workflow, and unique adjustments (less than 10% of the scope) were developed inside the core product in order for easy upgrades in the future.

  • The entire deployment took less than 3 months, which helped the company review their OEE and depreciation- leading them to make important decisions rapidly.
  • The PlantSharp solution was integrated into some of the plant machinery using controllers provided by the company.
  • PlantSharp helped to decrease inefficient processes and loss of materials on the floor. The plant was able to adjust and update processes for better productivity.


“PlantSharp’s flexibility meant that it was able to adapt to our DNA, not the other way around,”

Yaniv Evron, COO, Tadbik