PlantSharp Core is the main module that is responsible for online management and monitoring of the OEE KPI’s for the manufacturing machines in the plant.

PlantSharp OEE has on-prem or Cloud/SaaS solution in a plug & play method , now more then ever implement OEE in days 

PlantSharp OEE can connect to the machinery PLC or to PlantSharp IoT device , reading the OEE KPI’s and displaying them in real time and on demand using your Tablet, mobile device or desktop.

OEE is crucial for monitoring the plant’s function. It enables action in real time for improvement and optimal utilization of productivity

The OEE KPI is calculated as follows:

Availability = scheduled work time on the line minus the time of planned breaks, divided into the duration of a line shift.

Efficiency = number of products made on the line divided into the scheduled work time, minus time of planned breaks, times standard manufacturing pace.

Quality = number of good products made on the line divided into the total number of products made on the line

OEE = availability X efficiency X quality

The OEE measure also includes management and monitoring of failures, stoppages and shutdown of manufacturing.

The system allows the operator to report a failure’s cause and its location in a simple and convenient manner, thereby monitoring the most common causes, their timing, etc.

These data allow us to determine how to minimize failures, downtimes and navigate manufacturing in the most efficient, accurate manner.