PlantSharp Designer

PlantSharp Designer Block Diagram

PlantSharp Designer is a suite of several software modules designed to help you effortlessly deploy the factory through workflow, discovery, and reporting. It can be used both for the initial factory deployment, as well as any time changes need to occur, so you can be an agile manufacturer.

PlantSharp Build

PlantSharp Build is the infrastructure platform of the entire design suite.  Within PlantSharp Build, you can customize each of the design modules, supporting your manufacturing plans every step of the way.

PlantSharp Workflow

A customizable workflow tool letting you plan the flow of the entire manufacturing floor with all of the steps that must occur to create intermediates and finished goods from the raw materials. You can build templates that can be edited and reused saving time later.

PlantSharp BI

A business intelligence tool that allows you to build your reports in the cloud from anywhere and run them on premise at your factory.

PlantSharp Discovery

Easily map your entire floor, building a complete picture of the factory, machinery, processes and related workflows. The smart system learns the manufacturing processes over time and then builds them automatically to be saved as a template for future processes. Discovery will flag problems — processes, flows or entities — and will identify the necessary actions to solve them. PlantSharp Discovery lets you set monthly goals and helps you to achieve them by directing you where to focus.