PlantSharp Enerweb2 for energy Management

Enerweb2 is a cloud-based (SaaS) solution based on PlantSharp operation suite, Enerweb2  provide solution for efficient, real time, energy management for commercial and residential buildings

Enerweb2 is a field proven, effective tool for energy management collection & billing based on actual energy consumption

Enerweb2 is designed to seamlessly communication with Siemens Power Meter product series and provides the best of breed  software complementary product, to manage energy distribution and billing in multi-tenant buildings and complexes.

Enerweb2  Key Features :

  • Configurable building data structure and hierarchy
  • Role based alerts and events
  • Built-in real time energy consumption reports
  • Automatically executable billing
  • Seamlessly connected to Siemens power meters
  • Highly effective for building management
  • Beneficial for building tenants for real time energy consumption
  • Easy to use, intuitive and available over mobile and desktop