PlantSharp Operation Suite

PlantSharp Operation Suite is the core Manufacturing Execution System framework designed to distill valuable insights from your plant’s machine data. It provides a clear window into your entire manufacturing operation at every level, so you can optimize material use, and streamline processes. It is comprised of several modules:

PlantSharp Productivity

PlantSharp Productivity is the core platform for managing and directing every aspect of the factory floor and the PlantSharp system, giving orders to the factory floor. It allows you to build the organizational tree of the factory, identifying production infrastructures, scheduling,  recipes, maintenance, shifts, KPIs (speed, productivity, etc.), energy, pricing, production orders and it also manages user rights and privileges to all aspects of PlantSharp.

Plantsharp Traceability

PlantSharp Traceability records exactly which raw materials were used, the batches or serial numbers of finished products, and exactly which machines and personnel were involved in the process. This enables verification of the history of each output, and in the case of a problem, it is possible to trace it backward through an unbroken chain to discover the origin, such as a defective batch of raw materials or a malfunctioning machine. In addition, based on this analysis, it can inform you if other batches or products were affected.

Plantsharp QA

Using AI and human tests, this module helps you distinguish in near real time between your “Golden Batch” and fallouts. Raw materials and intermediates can be tracked throughout the entire manufacturing process, identifying where waste, loss or spoilage occurs, and monitoring key values such as temperature to ensure that ingredients stay fresh throughout the process.

PlantSharp Analytics

Analytics reports provide you with crucial insights on materials, machinery, intermediates and finished products.

PlantSharp Prediction

Using Machine Learning and AI, the prediction module helps you recognize anomalies in real time and react immediately, letting you get the most out of all the machinery.

PlantSharp Lab

The PlantSharp Lab module allows you to inspect materials, confirming that they are usable and plentiful enough as well as makes changes automatically based on inspections during the process. By identifying anomalies throughout the process, you can ensure your raw materials, intermediates and finished goods meet the necessary qualifications, saving you time and money. PlantSharp Lab may be used to benchmark against your competitors’ offerings, and for testing of new products.

PlantSharp Scales

PlantSharp Scales manages the process of creating premix, giving control of weight and/or volume of crucial materials and management of the blending order.