Plant sharp project engagement


Key Challenges

Plant sharp project engagement  is a fully integrated project management solution that enables your team plant hours/budget and report on their daily tasks in a simple and user friendly interface. with TASK ITS  you can monitor the team actual hours ,budgets control , per customer/project/task/date

With Plant sharp project engagement you can plan your project either as fix/T&M and plan your budget per specific task

Plant sharp project engagement can interface with your ERP /Accounting software to eliminate the need for double reporting

Plant sharp project engagement also supports COVID-19 digital health declaration for your team and external guests

Plant sharp project engagementYour fully integrated and holistic solution for Project Management and Budget Control.


Plant sharp project engagement

  • Efficiency

    Time Tracking

    Report your work hours from anywhere anytime using your mobile/PC
    use our out-of-the-box reporting which you can download to excel or PDF

  • cost

    Project & Budget control

    with TASK ITS you can create as many customer’s you need , under every customer define one or multiple projects , define task & budget milestones, track and trace  your team actual vs plant hours

  • Tracking

    Reporting & Alerts

    TASK ITS has out of the box reporting , starting with team presence report by time period  through advanced exception reporting for budget control.

  • Control

    3rd party Integration

    TASK ITS can interface with payroll or accounting software following all regulation and law.

  • value

    Health Declaration

    According to the Ministry of Health’s guidelines, before entering the company facility , employees and visitors are required to report and fill health statement
    With TASK ITS either your employees or outside visitors can report the health statement

  • service

    Service and support

    Our support center is available for any kind of support you need, every customer is treated according to the company SLA
    Our working hours are from :
    08:30 – 17:30 (Sunday-Thursday)
    Phone: 03-926-0336