Tips for Factory Maintenance Managers

Tips for Factory Maintenance Managers: Preventive Maintenance: Define a Preventive Maintenance Plan: Create a regular schedule for inspecting and repairing equipment, machines, and production lines. Use Monitoring Systems: Install monitoring systems that alert you to potential issues before they become major problems. Manage Spare Parts Inventory: Ensure you have all necessary spare parts on hand […]

Triple O’s Methodology

Triple O’s – Software Adoption Methodology By Lea Tarshish Introduction The journey from software selection to successful integration can be fraught with challenges. Organizations invest time, resources, and hope into implementing new software solutions, yet many end up with unused systems resembling a big white elephant in the room. The key lies not just in […]

Turn Business Data into Manufacturing Success 

Many manufacturers currently find themselves at the start of a fundamental structural transformation, brought on by digitization. Modern Industry 4.0 concepts means that manufacturing processes are morphing. Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) gains greater adoption across supplier networks, shop floors and senior management teams. Our latest product version of PlantSharp now includes a self-service, analytical […]

Machine Learning, QA Prediction and AI in Manufacturing

Leveraging data for optimal maintenance & product quality Producing high quality products at minimal cost is a timeless manufacturing goal. Industry 4.0 is already demonstrating its value by enabling manufacturers to achieve their ‘Golden Batch’. The core technologies driving this new wave of ultra-automation are Industrial AI and Machine Learning. Data has become a valuable […]

8 Steps to Consider when Choosing an MES Solution

What to Think About When Choosing the Right MES Software? Maybe you’ve realized that most of your factory data isn’t being used. This moment often leads to a discussion of what factors need to be considered in selecting the right MES solution that can keep up with the next-generation smart, Industry 4.0, connected solutions. Selecting […]

Calculating ROI to Understand MES Value

How MES Gives You Bigger Bang for Your Buck Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) provides critical information that assists manufacturing decision makers to better understand how current conditions on the plant floor can be optimized to improve production output. A detailed ROI analysis requires identifying all benefits gained and costs incurred due to the MES implementation. […]

Why Manufacturers Need to Implement MES and How to Get Started?

Manufacturing has experienced a series of revolutionary technological advancements in the past several years that is impacting every facet of the factory floor. Manufacturers must invest in smart solutions and optimize their operations if they want to be industry leaders in a world where the relationship between humans and machines grows stronger by the nanosecond. […]

What is Industry 4.0 and Why is it Important?

We’re in the midst of a significant transformation regarding the way we produce products thanks to the digitization of manufacturing. This compelling transition is called Industry 4.0 – which is a representation of the fourth revolution that has occurred in manufacturing. Like the three industrial revolutions which preceded it – steam power, mass production/electricity, digital […]