Smart Software Products for factories & Industry 4.0​

PlantFlow AI


PlantFlow AI PdM (Predictive Maintenance) for Factories.

that uses data and analytics to predict when equipment will fail, and the stop working. This allows businesses preventing unplanned downtime and costly repairs

EnerWeb Billing


EnerWeb Billing automates the process of generating and sending energy bills to customers. Energy consumption for electricity, water, gas and fuel.

Related to producers, distributors, contractors and building management companies for billing.

PlantSharp MES


PlantSharp MES system collects and tracks data from the plant floor in real-time.

Which allows factories to improve significantly the efficiency, productivity, and quality, as well as reduce waste and costs

Smart Software Solutions for factories & Industry 4.0

BI Solutions


BI solutions (business intelligence) is the process of collecting, analyzing and interpreting data to gain insights into business performance.

Understanding trends and insights to optimize business conduct, using a consistent method.

WMS Integration

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Integration to WMS can provide many benefits to factories in managing storage, inventory, improving efficiency, accuracy and reducing costs.

WMS integration solution will improv significantly the performance of your plant.

IIoT Integration

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IIoT integration can provide a wide range of benefits to manufacturers when implemented on the production floor.

By improving efficiency, productivity, quality, safety and costs, plants will be able to improve their bottom line.


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