PlantSharp MES for INDUSTRY 4.0 / 5.0

PlantSharp MES – True productivity by Trunovate

PlantSharp is a cloud-based MES software that allows users easily to create and manage their own production processes with simple connection to PLCs, Devises, Meters and ERP integration.

With PlantSharp MES you can easily achieve better production performances, measuring OEE, reducing production cost, and minimize quality and waste problems.

PlantSharp Recommended Add-Ons​

With Quality Add-On you can track and manage the Quality assurance process

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1. Build quality assurance programs for the production process
2. Manage the quality records and samplings, input and track the results
3. Get alerts when the quality assurance exceeds limitation
4. Validation of scaling standard according to regulation.
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With Scale Edge Add-On you can integrate Scaling process into MES

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1. Validation of weight / quantity of materials preparation prior production.
2. Support management of material consumption and traceability.
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With Enerweb Billing you can track Energy consumption with production correlation

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1. Manage energy meters, pricing, and consumption limitation.
2. Consumption tracking and cost calculations per customer, department, production line, or machine.
3. Get alerts when energy leakage is detected, or the consumption limit is exceeded.
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With PlantFlow Add-On you can Predict Downtimes in advance using AI

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1. Learning parameters impact on production line / machine downtime.
2. Prediction results of downtimes probability.
3. Get alerts when results of probability exceed limitation.
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With WIP Add-On you can track and manage in-process Inventory

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1. Track and manage in-process inventory relocation during production.
2. Inventory quantity records related to packages, LC and specific location.
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