On-Prem Infrastructure requirements

Servers Specification Machine Hardware Software Database server CPU: 8 Cores Memory: 16-32 GB RAM Hard disks:C: System Drive, tempdb 150GB D: Databases 150GBE: Log Files 150GB Windows Server 2016 64bit or higher MSSQL 2017 (or higher) 64bit Standard (Server Collation should be case-insensitive) SSMS (latest version) Application server CPU: 8 CoresMemory: 16 GB RAMNetwork: 2 […]

Service Level Agreement (SLA)​

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Service Level Agreement (SLA) Trunovate is thrilled to welcome its customers for choosing PlantSharp MES! We understand that PlantSharp sits at the core of your production system, playing a vital role in your success. That’s why we prioritize system availability, output adherence, flexibility, and constant updates.   The maintenance services agreement […]