Raw Materials Manufacturing

PlantSharp MES - True Revolution by Trunovate

In today’s competitive industrial landscape, Raw Materials Factories must continually evolve to meet the demands of efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness. Whether producing plastic, metal, wood, building materials, paint, or paper, manufacturers face unique challenges that require advanced solutions. PlantSharp Manufacturing Execution System (MES) offers a comprehensive platform to optimize production processes, enhance quality control, and drive overall operational excellence.

Plastic Manufacturing

In plastic production, consistency and precision are key. PlantSharp MES monitors critical parameters such as temperature, pressure, and material flow, ensuring high-quality output while reducing scrap rates.

Metal Manufacturing

For metal manufacturers, PlantSharp MES offers advanced features for managing complex processes like forging, casting, and machining. Real-time monitoring and control enhance product quality and reduce production costs.

Building Materials

Manufacturers of cement, bricks, and other building materials benefit from PlantSharp MES through improved batch tracking, quality control, and inventory management, resulting in more efficient operations and superior product consistency.

Paint Production

Consistency in color and texture is crucial in paint manufacturing. PlantSharp MES provides precise control over mixing processes, raw material usage, and batch consistency, ensuring high-quality paint products.

Paper Manufacturing

In paper production, PlantSharp MES enhances process control, from pulp preparation to paper finishing. It helps reduce waste, optimize resource usage, and ensure consistent product quality.

Wood Processing

In the wood industry, PlantSharp MES helps manage the variability of raw materials. It tracks moisture content, dimensions, and other critical factors, ensuring optimal use of resources and high-quality finished products.

PlantSharp MES

With PlantSharp you can track and manage the production processes:

OEE Plantsharp dashboard

PlantSharp Key Values


Sync between all the production processes. PlantSharp promotes and elevates the collaboration between employees and departments.

Easy Setup

We simplify the on-boarding setup process to allow every user the ability for self-service and quick go to live MES.

PLC Connectivity

PlantSharp works with any PLC, using Modbus protocol and internal network. There is no need to buy new equipment.


PlantSharp provides an API for ERP interface that will integrate and synchronize the production process with any ERP.

Private Cloud

Each customer gets a private secured cloud with PlantSharp, that provides scalable infrastructure, specific customization, and extension options.

Mobile App

To complete the user interface experience, you can download PlantSharp Mobile App that will reflect the production information online. and allow you to manage the shop floor from any place.

Dashboard & Report Designer

Using the Designer, you have the flexibility to create or modify any dashboard & report that will provide you with insights and help you to track and manage your shop floor.


Your safety is our top priority. Therefore, we use a secure cloud for your account and offer safe connection to the shop floor production lines and PLCs.

Compatibility to Industries

PlantSharp is suitable for a variety of industries such as: Food & Beverage, Medical, Pharma, Raw Materials: Plastics, Metal, etc., packaging, Electronics and Army.



PlantSharp stands with ESG and promotes sustainability, we are also certified with FDA, ISO 9001, and ISO 27001 regulations.

PlantSharp Recommended Add-Ons

With Quality Add-On you can track and manage the Quality assurance process

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1. Build quality assurance programs for the production process
2. Manage the quality records and samplings, input and track the results
3. Get alerts when the quality assurance exceeds limitation
4. Validation of scaling standard according to regulation.
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With Scale Edge Add-On you can integrate Scaling process into MES

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1. Validation of weight / quantity of materials preparation prior production.
2. Support management of material consumption and traceability.
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With Enerweb Billing you can track Energy consumption with production correlation

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1. Manage energy meters, pricing, and consumption limitation.
2. Consumption tracking and cost calculations per customer, department, production line, or machine.
3. Get alerts when energy leakage is detected, or the consumption limit is exceeded.
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With PlantFlow Add-On you can Predict Downtimes in advance using AI

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1. Learning parameters impact on production line / machine downtime.
2. Prediction results of downtimes probability.
3. Get alerts when results of probability exceed limitation.
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With WIP Add-On you can track and manage in-process Inventory

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1. Track and manage in-process inventory relocation during production.
2. Inventory quantity records related to packages, LC and specific location.
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